and that’s why I am a best friend to myself. I take me up whenever I feel low. I make myself as happy as a best friend would. I’m as nice to me as anyone I know.” Words by Helen Reddy; Music by Ray Burton


Hypnotherapy is a safe, drug free way of dealing with things that are going on in your life. Things that need to be sorted out.

By learning more about yourself, you gain the ability to release negative emotions and at the same time identify hidden strengths that we sometimes forget we have.
Sometimes we have uncomfortable feelings that originated a long time ago, at a time when we didn’t have the resources to deal with them.

Hypnotherapy helps you to get to the cause of the emotions, deal with them and bring in the required resources so that there are more options, more ways to handle similar situations and feelings as they arise. At all times you are in control of yourself, even though you are allowing your unconscious mind, your inner mind as I call it, to be accessed.

My clients over the years, with their experiences, have helped me to learn about a vast array of issues and that in turn has equipped me to help new clients who find their way to me.

I teach clients self hypnosis and invariably give a relaxation CD I have prepared for their use in between sessions. Mostly

I see clients for three sessions, sometimes four. At the end of the third session we evaluate the progress the client has made to ensure the client’s needs have been met.

I use a variety of hypnotherapeutic techniques including straight suggestion, analytical hypnotherapy and ego state therapy as a matter of course and I believe that the approach I take enables my clients to reach the goals they have set.

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